Where chefs eat

Warwick, Joe

A Guide to Chefs' Favourite Restaurants
The ultimate restaurant guide chosen by the real experts: more than 400 of the world’s best chefs from Heston Blumenthal to René Redzepi and David C.
Where Chefs Eat is a new international restaurant guide published by Phaidon Press. Unlike other guides, we didn’t ask critics or foodies to tell us their favourite places to eat, we asked the people who know food the best: over 400 of the world’s top chefs. From bargain noodle joints to high-end restaurants; late-night haunts to all-day breakfasts; neighbourhood eateries to destination restaurants, Where Chefs Eathas more than 2,000 personal recommendations for where to eat around the globe. Edited by food writer Joe Warwick, with entertaining reviews, quotes from the chefs and useful maps, Where Chefs Eat is the perfect guide for the culinary traveller.

Editorial: Phaidon
Colección: Food/Cook
Categoría: Cuerpo y mente
Tema: Viajes y lugares
Clasificación Dewey: 647.95 - Lugares para comer y beber
Clasificación BISAC CKB115000 (Cocina / Chefs individuales y restaurantes)
Clasificación BIC WBB (Libros de cocina de cocineros famosos y de televisión)
ISBN: 9780714865416
Páginas: 704
Año: 2013
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Etiquetas: Where chefs eat; gastronomía; restaurantes; guía de restaurantes; comida; viajes culinarios; Joe Warwick;
Where chefs eat