Middle eastern vegetarian cookbook, The

Hage, Salma

A collection of vegetarian dishes influenced by Middle Eastern flavors from Salma Hage, author of the bestselling classic, The Lebanese Kitchen, also published by Phaidon.
A definitive, fresh and approachable collection of 150 traditional recipes from an authoritative voice on Middle Eastern home cooking, Salma Hage’s new book is in line with the current Western trends of consciously reducing meat, and the ancient Middle Eastern culture of largely vegetarian, mezze style dining.

Traditionally, the Middle Eastern diet consisted largely of vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, pulses, grains and legumes. Salma simplifies this fast becoming popular cuisine with easily achievable recipes, many with vegan and gluten-free options.

Drawing inspiration from ancient and prized Phoenician ingredients, from grassy olive oil to fresh figs and rich dates, this book offers an array of delicious breakfasts and drinks, mezze and salads, vegetables and pulses, grains and desserts. Salma shows how to easily make the most of familiar everyday fruits and legumes, as well as more exotic ingredients now widely available outside of the Middle East, with nourishing recipes so flavourful and satisfying they are suitable for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

Editorial: Phaidon
Colección: Food/Cook
Categoría: Cuerpo y mente
Tema: Cocina, alimentos y dietas
Clasificación Dewey: 641.56360956 - Oriente Medio. Comida vegetariana
Clasificación BISAC CKB086000 (Cocina / Vegetariana y Vegana)
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ISBN: 9780714871301
Páginas: 272
Año: 2016
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Etiquetas: The middle eastern vegetarian cookbook; alimentación; vegetarianismo; cocina; recetas; medio oeste; Salma Hage

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   The Middle Eastern vegetarian cookbook / Salma Hage. -- London : Phaidon, 2016.

272 p. : fots. col. ; 26 x 20 x 3 cm.


ISBN 978-0-7148-7130-1

1. Cocina vegetariana -- Medio Oriente. I. t.

Middle eastern vegetarian cookbook, The